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Our Web and Internet services are centered on user-centered messages and Web design. We are able to quickly understand and get in the mind-space of your business customer.

Our Web and Internet services will help you showcase your business assets and people. We will bring your Website to live with strong central messages and powerful design that will highlight your industry experience to help you gain credibility in your marketplace.

We first, and foremost, are a B2B brand-marketing agency. While many firms have the ability to code Websites, our primary objective is to ensure your brand is conveying the right message to your audiences.

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Website Design and Development

Website Design and DevelopmentYour Website is your number one calling card and your Website design and development should be custom and tailored to your business and its customers.

We believe that content drives action. Our Websites are clean, professional and intuitive, uniquely designed to make them very visible, accessible and easier for businesses to manage and share information.

We have the expertise to optimize, maintain and update your Website to assure optimal search and browsing exposure. We will bring your Website to life – in character, on strategy, targeted, integrated with other marketing efforts, extend reach, strengthen brand image, foster customer loyalty and increase sales.

We have a very strong reputation and are recognized for our work helping companies capitalize on Web 2.0 opportunities by creating bold graphics and concise, relevant text that exploit the benefits of the new media, in such a way to give you maximum impact and commercial benefit.

Custom Website Design

Website DesignCustom Website design is the only true way to design your Website to make your business stand out from your competition and drive customers to your Website. We design unique, custom-tailored Websites specific to your needs.

Your Website is the main line of communication between your customers and your company. Connecting with your audience, telling your story and selling your company’s image are all about good Website design and content.

We begin by understanding your brand, writing a creative brief to ensure our understanding is correct, creating messaging and unique company visuals that bring your brand to life. We will recommend design strategies and programming bells and whistles that will capture the attention of your audience and help you to keep them engaged.

Custom Blog Design

Custom Blog Design

Your blog design should be custom blog design that is tailor-made to reflect your brand style and personality. Your blog should be built to help strengthen your brand identity and for business recognition.

We will create a uniquely designed blog that will be consistent with your overall brand.

We will create a blog that will have the dual purpose of enabling your company to get out important information and timely updates to customers, while also giving your Website a link popularity boost for SEO.

Content Management Systems

CMS Editor WindowContent management systems (CMS) for Websites allow you to keep your Website up to date without being a programmer. Websites are dynamic entities, rich with content that changes over time, and without regular updates, your Website begins to show its age.

With your new CMS Web, you have a quick and easy way to remove old material from your Website’s pages and post fresh content without the costly process of hiring a designer each time. You will be able to log in on your own time and make the necessary content modifications whenever you need to.

Once it is installed and running, you can write, edit and publish your updates in a matter of minutes. Designed using roles-based security management, only those that have been given publishing rights can update your Web. You can easily manage every aspect of your Website, from adding content and images to updating a product catalog or taking online reservations.

We work with a number of content management systems. Once the initial discovery phase is done and we know your goals for the site, present and future, we will recommend a CMS based on your needs not the favorite CMS of the Web developer.

HTML Websites

HTMLHTML Websites are another option for your Website design and development. HTML or hypertext mark-up language is a programming language for formatting Web pages.

When you want a Website with cascading style sheets (CSS), HTML is the best way to go. With HTML, the look and appearance of images, links, headings, text, page layout and just about every element of a Web page can be formatted.

HTML is the best choice for small businesses that do not need advanced functionality on their Website.

e-Commercee-Commerce Website Development

When you have products and services to sell on the Internet, you need a high-performance and custom e-commerce Website development.

With more than a decade of e-commerce Web design experience, we excel at providing tailored technology solutions that are scalable, search-engine friendly and proven to meet your e-commerce business needs.

By developing a user-centric Website with your customers in mind, we will incorporate features and functionality that will ensure customer retention and conversion. Your new Website will integrate seamlessly with your business applications and product catalog.

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Your landing page design should be based on effective landing pages that maximize the impact of your Web traffic.

A landing page is designed to take visitors directly to information that they are looking for without having to drill down through layers of navigation on your Website.

Once we have a clear understanding of the interest of a specific visitor, we will design a landing page that provides exactly that information that will be of interest to your Website visitor.

Content WritingContent Writing

Content writing maximized for keeping your Website information up to date and for search engine optimization is a must to be found on the Internet and ranked well by search engines.

All major search engines are content-centric and informative. Well-written, unique content with key messages and phrases is essential for a successful Web presence.

Our professional writers will develop optimized content for customer-specific keywords and more.

Flash Animation

Flash Animation

Flash animation that includes presentations and corporate videos will quickly captivate and communicate your message about your company, and its products and services.

We develop tailor-made and branded design Flash. Robust animation, multimedia and interactivity are our specialty.

Your Flash presentation will have compelling messages that tell your unique story and engaging visuals that capture your customers’ attention.

jQuery and HTML 5Flashless Animation: HTML5 and jQuery

If you want your presentation to work on all browsers and Internet products, you need to consider using Flashless animation: HTML5 and jQuery. Apple products are not compatible with Flash.

HTML5 is a convergence of several technologies currently being used to make Websites interactive. jQuery is an open source, cross-browser JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction. It can make your Website’s visual functionality dazzle.

Flash and CDMultimedia Interactive

When developing your marketing, you need to consider multimedia interactive solutions.

Multimedia development includes interactive CD-ROMs, Flash business presentations and effective interactive Website solutions.

Our team of awarding-winning professional digital designers and developers deliver creative, intelligent and effective multimedia interactive marketing solutions across the Internet and mobile platforms for B2B businesses.

Mobile PhoneMobile Website Development

With the growth of smart phones and tablets, you need to consider mobile Website development to enhance your visibility with your customers.

Two approaches are available to take for designing a mobile-friendly Website. The first approach is to design one Website with mobile in mind, where the user will see the same site on both a desktop and mobile device. The second way is to design a mobile site with a separate CSS style sheet that loads when the screen size falls below a specified threshold.

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Website Analytics: Traffic and Analysis

Our custom Website analytics software will benchmark your Website and analyze its traffic. Your Websites are also built with Google Analytics and the AddThis social media share tools. These services provide detailed analysis and reports for free.

Your Google Analytic reports will include Web traffic analysis such as site visits, pages per visit, site bounce rate, average time on site, browsers used by visitors, connection speed, percentage new visitors, visitor loyalty, length of visit, top traffic sources, top keywords, referring sites, content performance analysis, top pages and top exit pages.

The AddThis social media share tools allows your site’s visitors to share your Website on their favorite social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. In addition, AddThis will send you weekly reports that include the number of shares, urls shared, number of clicks and percentage of viral lift.

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